Roti Jala Lamb Curry, Tasty Middle Eastern Style

Speaking of food, Indonesia could arguably one of jawaranya. In addition to a rich variety of a menu, the archipelago is quite famous for delicious. No wonder on his journey and traditional cuisine such as beef rendang are able to perch in the row of the world's favorites.

Although many regional dishes known to resep risoles foreign tourists, but the Emerald of the Equator this Country could not shut down the infiltration of foreign menus. Reasonable if finally many culinary Asia, Europe or America is growing and becoming a favorite of food lovers game.

Like Roti Jala Lamb Curry, for example, the original Middle Eastern menu is pretty much loved among the culinary penyinta. Fittingly enough, in addition to savory dishes, with a young goat meat raw material has extraordinary delicacy of teasing.

Well, if you are curious and want to try the thrill of his delight is not difficult kok got it. You can stop by the Hotel's Solo in the Sharia Jl Adi Sucipto. This four star Hotel offers the sensation of deliciousness Roti Jala Lamb Curry typical of the Middle East.

Through the savory Sauce Chef Gunadi, the Roti Jala Lamb Curry is not much different from his creation with refined in the country originals. Here, the Chef uses Gunadi main young goat meat, so that feels tender when in the mouth. Not only that, when the cooking process, he also uses a variety of spices like cardamom, nutmeg and coriander to add to the deliciousness.

"Roti Jala Lamb Curry was identical with the spices, so I add in this cuisine. A matter of taste alone, this menu is rich and savory spices tend to be, "he said, while talking with, Thursday (9/10).

Sharia in Hotel Solo, Roti Jala Lamb Curry can be enjoyed anytime, but more fitting when eaten lunch hour or night. Simply spend $ 55 thousand, you can already enjoy a portion of Roti Jala Lamb Curry favors.

According to the local hotel, public relations Wisti Valerina, Roti Jala Lamb Curry is Top Chef Menu Suggestion of the Month. This is a hearty menu with roti jala made from flour, egg and salt without yeast, then seared curried goat.

Temporarily add the pleasure of dining, Roti Jala Lamb Curry very fitting juxtaposed with mocktails. As a complement of dishes, you can choose the variant of mocktails Manahan Green Fresh Spring Blue or Vanilla with a price of Rp 25 thousand.

Gimana menyicipinya, interested?

This brings the soup Siti Hinggil Ala Hotel The 1O1

Hotel The 1O1 (pronounced de one o one) Yogyakarta Tugu prepare several programs for culinary lovers can enjoy. The first Program is the Nusantara Kelles, program dinner at the pool area which is served every Friday at 18.00 – 21.30 pm is priced at Usd 101,000 nett per person.

The Program is very special resep lasagna panggang because it serves a variety of seasonings Nusantara served barbecue. Presents a selection of fresh seafood, meat juices and traditional foods such as the asem will instantly garang is cooked before the guests.

"This menu of Specialties can be sampled as much by resep kue lapis guests while enjoying the tropical garden atmosphere in the pool area. Especially on this program visitors can sample the Signature Dish of The 1O1 i.e. Sitihinggil Soup, "said Executive Secretary 1O1 Hotel Jogja Dyah Retno Wikan not long ago.

According to him, the soup is the work of Siti Hinggil Eco Setio Mardiono, Chef & Beverage Manager (CBM) The 1O1 who was keen to create a cuisine creations unique and different. Since joining the hotel located on the Street Margo Utomo (formerly Mangkubumi), he wants to lift the Indonesian cuisine with elegant. The goal, guests will have a unique experience in terms of food during their stay in the hotel. This is in line with the concept of a Smart Stylish hotel Experience.

The name is taken from the names of the buildings in the Kraton Yogyakarta which is very historic. The specialty of beef and vegetable soup is cooked with fresh coconut water mixture burned. The soup is so unique because it is served in a coconut shell intact. This dish is quite popular and eventually became a signature dish or food featured at the hotel.

The Menu is more delicious when served warm in the afternoon accompanied by white rice, Sambal and lime juice uleg as fresheners.
To further introduce the flagship menu again, which is more familiarly called CBM Eco will give you the recipe for fresh and cooked at home.


300 gr of beef boneless ribs
3 pieces of bay leaf
1 segment galangal
5 pieces of Orange leaves
200 ml water
300 ml coconut water
30 gr boiled diced wotel
30 gr boiled diced potatoes
1 diced plum tomatoes
Sledri and chives to taste

Subtle Seasoning
7 grains of red onion
3 garlic granules
2 red chilli seeded fruit

Competition Is Increasingly Intense, Do Not Leave The Traditional Food

Corporate Foodservice Association Indonesia (APJI) Central Java reminds catering entrepreneurs not to abandon traditional cuisine menus.

"Innovation can be-is okay, but not to forget the menus resep soto ayam and traditional cuisine. Typical foods Indonesia, "said the Chairman of DPD APJI Jateng Agus Gunarto was quoted as saying Lilik Between, Friday (19/9/2014).

He acknowledged the competition resep semur daging business foodservice now is indeed tight with the emergence of new entrepreneurs who penetrated the business, let alone there is no standard price set.

According to him, the standard price in the Foodservice business is indeed necessary to avoid unhealthy competition, but many entrepreneurs catering policy does not approve it.

"We never offer standard prices, but do not want to ' on '. Moreover, nowadays many hotels catering to business entry. The heaviest competition Yes from catering hotels, "he said.

The term is simply the price of all this, he said, consumers have been treated to "all packages" service, with a wide menu full enough so that small catering entrepreneurs certainly overwhelmed.

Lilik says now there are at least 250-300 catering entrepreneur who joined in APJI Jateng, but outside of the membership that there are still many employers who have yet to join.

"There are only 150 in Semarang catering entrepreneur, if new listed 60 entrepreneurs. There are 10 entrepreneurs in Purwokerto, Kudus, there are six businessmen, Tegal entrepreneurs there are 10, and so on, "he said.

Compared to a few years ago, he said, business development, foodservice is different because now a lot of people just as easily open a catering business, no need to cook.

"In the streets now must meet a caterer. The difference with the first. We were terrified of the ASEAN economic community that later been enforced starting 2015. Catering competition increasingly severe, "he said.

However, he again reminded the entrepreneurs catering to keep preserving the variety of traditional menu that became the hallmark of Indonesia still had to face heavy competition.

Cake recipes: Delicious Dried Kastengel, savory, and specials

Surabaya – one of the pastries are very sought after and widely served during Idul fitri holiday is a kastengel cake. Besides it tastes good and savory, it resep cilok bandung looks pretty small and seemed to make us so would like to continue to take the cake on this one dish when served at the table. Pastry lebaran is the main widths other than cake dishes rather than other types of pastries, cake-like nastar, wafer, coco chips, and more.

kastengel cake recipe

Generally people buy resep kue lumpur kastengel pastry because it does not want to feel the make a cake with a fuss because the time is not enough. However, there is no harm for you to try cooking it myself and offer it in order to become a good kastengel of course.

Here's a cake recipe kastengel as reported by the team, Thursday (24/07/2014), where the dry cake recipes you can try at home:

First of all, prepare several types of material such as wheat flour as much as 500 grams (try the low-protein), 250 gr butter, 300 gr cheese edam (later shredded), 150 Gr. margarine, unsalted butter 200 gr, four chicken eggs (taken the yellow only), and 50 gr of milk powder
Then, for the preparation of olesnya materials, prepare 100 grams of cheddar cheese (shredded, too), a chicken eggs taken its yellow, and can also prepare a little honey for beautifying color brand
After all the basic ingredients and ingredient brand are ready, then we begin to cultivate. Prepare a place for so little, this was great. Cream the butter and margarine (try using a mixer) sampe evenly. Then egg yolks of 3 eggs chicken last entered. Mixer until its already flattened. Then take the other empty containers. Stir in the flour and milk, then mix and bubuknya aduklah longer to patchy (kalo can be sifted), and then put the mixture of flour and milk of yesteryear into the dough.
Next the cheese grater edam was also incorporated into the mixture while stirring or milled. Once done, then cut the dough into shape kastengel, size depending on taste, but generally small elongated shape. After that, prepare a baking sheet that's been smeared with margarine. Then the pieces of dough are placed on a baking sheet that has been provided. Once placed on a baking sheet, brush the dough with the brand of materials already referred to above. Sprinkle the cheese cheddarnya. Then panggan it into the oven with a temperature of approximately 150 degrees and wait for about 30 minutes or less. Once cooked, the kastengel are ready for cake was served. Good luck.

Pudding Recipe: How To Make Fresh Biscuits Orange Pudding

How do I and the shape huh? If you want to know how and materials diintip yuuk made it below, given sisidunia for you. Orange biscuits pudding recipe is derived from resep siomay bandung a quote delicacies of the week (28/9/2014).

marie biscuits, fruit 12 each side two
1 small can of mandarin oranges, drain
250 ml fresh milk
50 g granulated sugar
4 1/2 tablespoons cornstarch
125 ml orange juice cans
2 tablespoons sunquick
2 eggs, beaten off
1 drop yellow dye

Rebuslah first milk and sugar, to a boil. Then resep tempe bacem dissolve cornstarch with lemon juice, then mix into the milk that has been Braised continued.

Stir everything until it becomes thick. Add more sunquick and back stirring evenly, and then remove and let stand. Insert the egg into the batter of milk last and mix evenly.

If you have all the ingredients well mixed, stir in 1/3 of the batter into the baking dish, and then the biscuits on it. Sprinkle mandarin oranges, then cover with the remaining dough there.

Put the dough into the baking pan filled water first, then the oven for 30 minutes. If it has been cooked sprinkle again with mandarin orange and berries ornament white cooking chocolate which has been dilelehka. The pudding is served and are ready to be enjoyed
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