This brings the soup Siti Hinggil Ala Hotel The 1O1

Hotel The 1O1 (pronounced de one o one) Yogyakarta Tugu prepare several programs for culinary lovers can enjoy. The first Program is the Nusantara Kelles, program dinner at the pool area which is served every Friday at 18.00 – 21.30 pm is priced at Usd 101,000 nett per person.

The Program is very special resep lasagna panggang because it serves a variety of seasonings Nusantara served barbecue. Presents a selection of fresh seafood, meat juices and traditional foods such as the asem will instantly garang is cooked before the guests.

"This menu of Specialties can be sampled as much by resep kue lapis guests while enjoying the tropical garden atmosphere in the pool area. Especially on this program visitors can sample the Signature Dish of The 1O1 i.e. Sitihinggil Soup, "said Executive Secretary 1O1 Hotel Jogja Dyah Retno Wikan not long ago.

According to him, the soup is the work of Siti Hinggil Eco Setio Mardiono, Chef & Beverage Manager (CBM) The 1O1 who was keen to create a cuisine creations unique and different. Since joining the hotel located on the Street Margo Utomo (formerly Mangkubumi), he wants to lift the Indonesian cuisine with elegant. The goal, guests will have a unique experience in terms of food during their stay in the hotel. This is in line with the concept of a Smart Stylish hotel Experience.

The name is taken from the names of the buildings in the Kraton Yogyakarta which is very historic. The specialty of beef and vegetable soup is cooked with fresh coconut water mixture burned. The soup is so unique because it is served in a coconut shell intact. This dish is quite popular and eventually became a signature dish or food featured at the hotel.

The Menu is more delicious when served warm in the afternoon accompanied by white rice, Sambal and lime juice uleg as fresheners.
To further introduce the flagship menu again, which is more familiarly called CBM Eco will give you the recipe for fresh and cooked at home.


300 gr of beef boneless ribs
3 pieces of bay leaf
1 segment galangal
5 pieces of Orange leaves
200 ml water
300 ml coconut water
30 gr boiled diced wotel
30 gr boiled diced potatoes
1 diced plum tomatoes
Sledri and chives to taste

Subtle Seasoning
7 grains of red onion
3 garlic granules
2 red chilli seeded fruit


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