Eating The House Appeared As A Cafe

JIM Nasi Padang padang restaurants resep pizza are not uncommon. But, JIM Rice field which is located on the 5th floor, Westmall, Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, was featured other cafes. The concept of the restaurant is casual dining.

Just check out his design. Plush sofas occupied resep perkedel kentang comfortable equipped with short tables. Bar with a row of alcoholic drinks, as well as the Dim yellow light illuminating the room.

There are no glass display case showcase its cuisine. When customers sit in a Chair or sofa, the waiter also does not serve the entire menu of dishes on the table. Like at a cafe or restaurant, customers will choose the cuisine menu that you want from the sheet of paper that contains a list of foods and drinks.

"JIM Nasi Padang is indeed different from Padang restaurants, because here the menu food is not disaji at the dinner table or at the storefront, but customers ordering menu that they want," said Ica Mulkan, General Manager of Salumfood Group's overarching goals JIM Nasi Padang told the News of the city ( Network).

Serves cuisine from West Sumatra, according to the Ica Mulkan, inasmuch the owner JIM Nasi Padang padang restaurant presents to different restaurants or other eating the House. "Casual restaurant with a menu of models of western or Chinese certainly plentiful, and right and left we mostly sell food that is almost the same, for that we try to find a different no doubt also love people," said Ica.

Although it serves a traditional cuisine, JIM Nasi Padang completes his drink menu with a collection of wine, beer and coffee from different countries. JIM Nasi Padang wanted to dine after the visitors still enjoy sitting around sipping drinks.

"So people here not only meals, but also can hang out, meeting. The atmosphere is indeed we made so that people can linger here. Such as the presence of sofas as well as a range of menus that are arguably more, Yes to the Bar, "he said.

Messages and Direct Food Made
Menus JIM Nasi Padang is served hot. The cuisine is directly made so customers order them. "There is not the heated menu, all made by menu order (contrived as ordered-Red). So until in the presence of customers, not just warm rice alone, "said Ica.

Made by order, the Ica said, it takes time to prepare and to oblige it to customers. However, it was cooked to order thus became the hallmarks of the restaurant because all dishes are served all fresh and hot.

"It takes time (to make a menu that ordered) let alone such as grilled fish because it took almost 15 minutes but yes it differentiates us. While waiting for orders to come, customers could order another menu as appetizers or snacks, "he said while smiling.

The menus offered JIM Nasi Padang padang restaurants not as much as others. Even so, the new restaurant opened three weeks ago that provides 23 menu options. The plan, the restaurant will add 20 dishes on the future


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