Traditional Confectionary Ready MEA

Durable and could be souvenirs

JOGJA – towards the implementation resep rawon of the ASEAN Economic Community 2015 (MEA) upcoming, entrepreneur ola-han traditional foods in Jogja city prompted braced. Them with the preparation of technology, peng-ecobliss and food serving as attractive as possible. It delivered lecturer Aka-for the sake of social welfare "AKK" majoring boga Nur Indah, on the resep puding coklat sidelines of the processed Food Race Tra-disional Jogja in XT Square, yesterday (2/10). "Related processed food products MEA, traditional Handicraft is the expectation can also be fully competitive with other countries of ASEAN food," he said.
According to him, with the challenge of MEA 2015 later, makana dituntuk traditional processed products to be able to present an interesting food. Nur Wahyuni, who is also the Chairman of jury of the traditional race of processed food of Yogyakarta 2014 it's me-nyarankan, to be able to make products that perishable, and can be brought into souvenirs. Despite that, her to remind them not to forget in the process of processing the content of its nutrition value. According to him, sometimes still commonly found in cooking also gives notice that the nutrient is not wasted.
The use of additional materials should also note that is not wasted. "Kan-dungan nutrition will be lost if cooked over and over again," ung-kapnya. Head of Department of industry, Commerce, cooperatives and Per-on (Disperindagkoptan) city of Yogyakarta Suyana added, the current average of refined products right ma-traditional cuisine remains wet. That condition be-not with his old food rimbas that survive. To that end, the Department will also partner with the akade-mission to give pengeta-huan of food technology. "Actually can compete, but it does need some mentoring," he said.
Meanwhile President Rico Promotion Service as the Event Organizer Untung Soeripno download the processed food competition, says traditional Jogja is done objectively. Them by presenting jurors from AKS AKK, the employers ' Association In-donesia Foodservice (APJI) and from the Department of health of the city of Yogyakarta. In addition to the lom-ba Cook, also held workshops and talkshow on this Friday (3/10). "The Workshop expected mengha silkan-outline of the action plan for the construction of a traditional makana in Yogyakarta," he said


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