Roti Jala Lamb Curry, Tasty Middle Eastern Style

Speaking of food, Indonesia could arguably one of jawaranya. In addition to a rich variety of a menu, the archipelago is quite famous for delicious. No wonder on his journey and traditional cuisine such as beef rendang are able to perch in the row of the world's favorites.

Although many regional dishes known to resep risoles foreign tourists, but the Emerald of the Equator this Country could not shut down the infiltration of foreign menus. Reasonable if finally many culinary Asia, Europe or America is growing and becoming a favorite of food lovers game.

Like Roti Jala Lamb Curry, for example, the original Middle Eastern menu is pretty much loved among the culinary penyinta. Fittingly enough, in addition to savory dishes, with a young goat meat raw material has extraordinary delicacy of teasing.

Well, if you are curious and want to try the thrill of his delight is not difficult kok got it. You can stop by the Hotel's Solo in the Sharia Jl Adi Sucipto. This four star Hotel offers the sensation of deliciousness Roti Jala Lamb Curry typical of the Middle East.

Through the savory Sauce Chef Gunadi, the Roti Jala Lamb Curry is not much different from his creation with refined in the country originals. Here, the Chef uses Gunadi main young goat meat, so that feels tender when in the mouth. Not only that, when the cooking process, he also uses a variety of spices like cardamom, nutmeg and coriander to add to the deliciousness.

"Roti Jala Lamb Curry was identical with the spices, so I add in this cuisine. A matter of taste alone, this menu is rich and savory spices tend to be, "he said, while talking with, Thursday (9/10).

Sharia in Hotel Solo, Roti Jala Lamb Curry can be enjoyed anytime, but more fitting when eaten lunch hour or night. Simply spend $ 55 thousand, you can already enjoy a portion of Roti Jala Lamb Curry favors.

According to the local hotel, public relations Wisti Valerina, Roti Jala Lamb Curry is Top Chef Menu Suggestion of the Month. This is a hearty menu with roti jala made from flour, egg and salt without yeast, then seared curried goat.

Temporarily add the pleasure of dining, Roti Jala Lamb Curry very fitting juxtaposed with mocktails. As a complement of dishes, you can choose the variant of mocktails Manahan Green Fresh Spring Blue or Vanilla with a price of Rp 25 thousand.

Gimana menyicipinya, interested?


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