The Trick Is Easy To Fix Cracked Hair

introduce me Rita, 30 years. My hair tends to be dry and chapped. At this time I do not want to cut the hair that is already long. However I have a problem, where the ends of the hair looks cracked. I've been stressed out thinking of the unhealthy condition of the hair. I asked for advice from Mas Rudy, so my hair better and well maintained? Thank you.

Rita, Kebon Jeruk


Salam kenal Rita. If you want to have a fixed length of hair and the ends of the hair are not chapped again, preferably Rita cut the ends of the hair that is cracked as much as 1 to 2 centimeters. Routinely give conditioner and hair vitamins can help reduce the ends of the hair and chapped. Avoid the use of a blow dryer and hair catok in advance.
Hopefully this explanation is helpful.


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