This is the story of the origins of the cake delicious Brownies

Chocolate cake brownies resep bolu kukus keep its own origin story. Cake with chocolate flavor that was purportedly legit nan was discovered accidentally by a young man. This young man was having financial problems. His money is on a budget and want to make a cake that will be sold by a friend in the morning.

The youth was quite excited. For starters, he wants to make a chocolate cake. He's already got the recipe, and then shopping for the various ingredients needed. It's time to make a cake only persist overnight. He went on to apply the existing description in a recipe for a delicious chocolate cake.

Busy in the kitchen ended up at 4 in the morning. But unfortunately, as a result it turns out tasting escape from desire. This young man feel like a failure. He wanted to make the cake is soft and not bantat. The youth increasingly became a disappointment due to resep brownies panggang the thinning because of his money to buy the chocolate cake ingredients.

Mybrownieskukus page, hopes the quoted earlier from the chocolate cake was thick, soft, and has a lot of pore or cavity. But due to "failure", the cake to be rather solid or bantat, and rather wet is seen.

Finally a friend these youth came. He turned out to be still selling cake bantat it without the knowledge of their owners. Unexpectedly, turns out to be quite a good response from buyers. New chocolate cake recipe was finally successful. The number of orders a cake became quite high chocolate cake makers and youth is not so broke.

The story of the origin of the brownies there are actually several versions. Brownie is thought to have started in 1897 in the United States for sale. Because of the popularity of the recipe and then began to be adopted in different countries.

The term "brownies" summarized from the meaning of the phrase "the deep brown color of cookies". Brownies myself now already much modified with other flavors and not get hung up on the use of chocolate. In fact, the cake is often thronged with brownies and toping honours so make it more interesting and delicious.


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