Cake Dates, Complete The Menu Dishes Idhu Adha

Cereal lebaran in Indonesia is usually identical to the savory dishes made from coconut milk. However, as a complement, cereal pastry will add ambiance to enjoy the familiarity of Idhul Adha.

According to Balqies Batarfie,author resep kuah bakso of 30 Arab Home cooking recipes that launched in September, giving Arab culinary recipe Sharpshooter can be served at home. In addition to the heavy, his meals cake will complement the beauty of Idhul Adha day.

The founder of a service Ministry Kenanga Catering use in resep salad buah Bogor Palace for over 20 years providing meals recipe alternatives such as cake of dates which also discussed dibukunya.

According to Balqies, a cake of dates also fit served as a dessert after eating a main menu on this holiday.

Cake Dates

Materials needed
350 g flour, 2 egg yolks, 50 gram flour roasted or sago, meizena 50 grams unsalted butter, 150 g of margarine, 175 grams of powdered sugar Palm fruit 15 slices lengthwise, for sprinkling 25 grams of powdered milk, 2 egg yolks for the brand.

How To Make A
1. cream the butter and the powdered sugar
2. stir in the eggs one by one.
3. Add the flour and flour meizena.
4. mix well.
5. dough Milled 0.3 cm
6. cut the 7x4 cm or to taste.
7. Brush with egg yolk.
8. sprinkle the sliced dates.
9. roast in oven with a temperature of 170 Celsius until browned.
10. Remove, let cool, then put it in an airtight container


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