Cake recipes: Delicious Dried Kastengel, savory, and specials

Surabaya – one of the pastries are very sought after and widely served during Idul fitri holiday is a kastengel cake. Besides it tastes good and savory, it resep cilok bandung looks pretty small and seemed to make us so would like to continue to take the cake on this one dish when served at the table. Pastry lebaran is the main widths other than cake dishes rather than other types of pastries, cake-like nastar, wafer, coco chips, and more.

kastengel cake recipe

Generally people buy resep kue lumpur kastengel pastry because it does not want to feel the make a cake with a fuss because the time is not enough. However, there is no harm for you to try cooking it myself and offer it in order to become a good kastengel of course.

Here's a cake recipe kastengel as reported by the team, Thursday (24/07/2014), where the dry cake recipes you can try at home:

First of all, prepare several types of material such as wheat flour as much as 500 grams (try the low-protein), 250 gr butter, 300 gr cheese edam (later shredded), 150 Gr. margarine, unsalted butter 200 gr, four chicken eggs (taken the yellow only), and 50 gr of milk powder
Then, for the preparation of olesnya materials, prepare 100 grams of cheddar cheese (shredded, too), a chicken eggs taken its yellow, and can also prepare a little honey for beautifying color brand
After all the basic ingredients and ingredient brand are ready, then we begin to cultivate. Prepare a place for so little, this was great. Cream the butter and margarine (try using a mixer) sampe evenly. Then egg yolks of 3 eggs chicken last entered. Mixer until its already flattened. Then take the other empty containers. Stir in the flour and milk, then mix and bubuknya aduklah longer to patchy (kalo can be sifted), and then put the mixture of flour and milk of yesteryear into the dough.
Next the cheese grater edam was also incorporated into the mixture while stirring or milled. Once done, then cut the dough into shape kastengel, size depending on taste, but generally small elongated shape. After that, prepare a baking sheet that's been smeared with margarine. Then the pieces of dough are placed on a baking sheet that has been provided. Once placed on a baking sheet, brush the dough with the brand of materials already referred to above. Sprinkle the cheese cheddarnya. Then panggan it into the oven with a temperature of approximately 150 degrees and wait for about 30 minutes or less. Once cooked, the kastengel are ready for cake was served. Good luck.


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