Competition Is Increasingly Intense, Do Not Leave The Traditional Food

Corporate Foodservice Association Indonesia (APJI) Central Java reminds catering entrepreneurs not to abandon traditional cuisine menus.

"Innovation can be-is okay, but not to forget the menus resep soto ayam and traditional cuisine. Typical foods Indonesia, "said the Chairman of DPD APJI Jateng Agus Gunarto was quoted as saying Lilik Between, Friday (19/9/2014).

He acknowledged the competition resep semur daging business foodservice now is indeed tight with the emergence of new entrepreneurs who penetrated the business, let alone there is no standard price set.

According to him, the standard price in the Foodservice business is indeed necessary to avoid unhealthy competition, but many entrepreneurs catering policy does not approve it.

"We never offer standard prices, but do not want to ' on '. Moreover, nowadays many hotels catering to business entry. The heaviest competition Yes from catering hotels, "he said.

The term is simply the price of all this, he said, consumers have been treated to "all packages" service, with a wide menu full enough so that small catering entrepreneurs certainly overwhelmed.

Lilik says now there are at least 250-300 catering entrepreneur who joined in APJI Jateng, but outside of the membership that there are still many employers who have yet to join.

"There are only 150 in Semarang catering entrepreneur, if new listed 60 entrepreneurs. There are 10 entrepreneurs in Purwokerto, Kudus, there are six businessmen, Tegal entrepreneurs there are 10, and so on, "he said.

Compared to a few years ago, he said, business development, foodservice is different because now a lot of people just as easily open a catering business, no need to cook.

"In the streets now must meet a caterer. The difference with the first. We were terrified of the ASEAN economic community that later been enforced starting 2015. Catering competition increasingly severe, "he said.

However, he again reminded the entrepreneurs catering to keep preserving the variety of traditional menu that became the hallmark of Indonesia still had to face heavy competition.


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